Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tacky Christmas parties and broken creamer caps

Dinner with Allen on December first meant a nice big meal (well. duh. we usually do that except this time we had something SUPER yummy). I ended up eating FIVE AND A HALF chicken drumsticks they were so stinkin' good! Man, can Allen cook drum sticks or what!

For some reason I wanted chicken again the next night really badly, except this time I was craving pesto (who does that?). SO, we made pesto chicken to go with the zucchinni parmesan fritters Allen baked for me (not pictured because I ate ALL of the fritters - three zucchinis worth - before Allen could take the picture of dinner). The mushrooms and caprese salad complimented the flavors nicely.

After we were full, we went to Walmart to find the tackiest sweaters on the racks. Unfortunately, although the sweaters were perfectly ugly, they were at least $17. Instead we headed over to the women's section and found these adorable "always believe" santa shirts that were super creepy, hideous, and would be excellent for the party.

 The next morning was a... well it was morning and it came too quickly and I needed coffee. But when I went to snag my coffee creamer from the fridge, I discovered that the cap was molded so terribly that it did not fit the bottle at all and the creamer would go bad as soon as I tried to re-seal it. SO, I got my hot glue gun all heated up and went to work!

This was the result, and although it looks as janky and redneck as could possibly be, it is fully functional and I have fresh coffee creamer for the week that won't spoil thanks to my ingenuity. 

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