Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Orange Marmalade and Ketchup? You bet!

Yeah, orange marmalade and ketchup is right! I was craving some baked plantains and had no idea what sauce to dip them in... creamy? No. Spicy? No. Sweet? Kinda. Tangy? YES. I sorted through my fridge and found ketchup which is always a safe dipping sauce. Then I saw orange marmalade on my fridge door and my curiosity won me over. I first tried dipping a piece of the plantain in each separately but it wasn't quite the satisfaction I wanted. THEN, when I accidentally combined the two in a scoop, heavenly angels sang to me. Orange marmalade and ketchup - the newest, bestest plantain dip.

I was in a baking mood that day so I also decided to get some cupcake tins out and try this new chocolate cupcake recipe I found online. It only uses oats as the "flour" so that's why it caught my interest.

They actually turned out to taste like little chocolate lava cakes and I helped myself to one on the way to class... and when I returned... there were only two left :( My roommates love my baking a little too much.

I saved a cupcake for Lauren for a snack while I cooked dinner. I invited her over for a nice meal because she had a stressful week. Her mamma usually makes us salmon, broccoli, quinoa and sweet potatoes when we go home (her house = my second home), so I decided to make something similar but not too similar that it would make her homesick.

The result was Caribbean jerk marinated mahi mahi on a bed of orzo and snap peas cooked in veggie broth and herbs, and a little garnish of course! The orzo hit the spot and reminded me of MY mamma's cooking!

I'm now on an orzo kick and made a dish with it tonight - gettin funky with it!
I marinated salmon in the same jerk spices except added orange marmalade (trying to get rid of that stuff) and soy sauce to go on top of orzo that I stir-fried into chinese veggies with an egg and sesame seeds. Yeah... it was reeeal good.

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