Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exploring Oats

I had a week of overnight oatmeal breakfasts for the last week of classes since mornings were rushed but I needed something tasty and something that tasted like it had been nicely prepared!

Three of the creations included chocolate brownie overnight oats, mandarin orange & peach with a hint of tangerine zest, and my favorite so far (besides traditional with cranberry juice and golden raisins) was the peach melba oats - the raspberries added the perfect tang and sweetness!

One morning I had some extra time and I happened to be out of almond milk the night before (which I use as my base for overnight oats), so I made blueberries and cream oats!! It was perfect when I added a touch of vanilla creamer. The trick was first brewing blueberry tea then cooking the oats in the tea with some truvia and adding the creamer and frozen berries last :) - Also pictured is my usual greek yogurt with pepitas -. 

While attempting to use up more of my food before move out week, I noticed I had an avocado that NEEDED to be consumed that day and lemons that also needed to go bye-bye. SO, I made pesto tortillas out of ground oats and pesto mix with olive oil and water as the "crust" to my creative pizza-type crepes. Then, while I cooked the tortillas in the pan, I threw some freshly sliced tomatoes in the oven for roasting with a little pesto on top. I whipped up a spread of goat cheese, avocado, and lemon juice, and the whole thing all together was to DIE for! Yum yum yum.

I ended up making three tortillas total, so I used the leftover one as a snack before dinner with more of the spread and greens, then shaped it like a taco.

I wanted to share my delicious tortilla creations with Allen, so our Thursday night dinner was mexican meatballs from a recipe I found on the paleo website (even homemade sauce) and cheese enchiladas de Allie made out of my oat tortillas (this time I mixed chili mix into the ground oats instead of pesto). Allen begged me to make the enchiladas again and raved about them the next day too! They were so stinking healthy, and I'm glad he loved them. They looked pretty too!

I'm sure this next week will be full of interesting meals as I attempt to clean the cupboards! 

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