Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitty Cakes

Vacation is a beautiful thing.  Last week I had the chance to go back to Michigan to visit my family for Thanksgiving and I also had some time to relax! I took a bath for the first time in God knows how long, and it was simply wonderful.

I also had the chance to see a few of my best friends from home. I visited Macey who goes to Kentucky Wesylan and we made s’mores bars and pumpkin bread! I was only there for a short time before I went home to some of Mamma’s cooking (which makes my food look like overcooked lunch meat) and baking with friends. Skyler and Zach came over after dinner and we reenacted a baking session we had two summers ago where we made a chocolate cake and carved it into a cat!

I love those two. It was a great night spent catching up and watching the Gamecocks stomp on Clemson!

The day before I left, when I thought my trip home couldn’t have gotten any better, my sister took me to The Pump House. It’s a frozen yogurt place like I’ve never seen before! They have 21 flavors to choose from and a BILLION toppings! Or pretty darn close to that! I had pumpkin, eggnog, and pretzel dough as my flavors and tons of toppings including HOT apple crisp!

When I got home to SC, I already had a package from my mom – two, actually! They were from and they were filled with some amazing healthy snacks that are all SO yummy!

I sampled the seaweed chips first, and they turned out to be “surprisingly satisfying” as stated on the bag.

 I dove into the Gluten free cookies next, followed by a sampling of the Kale chips and the dried dragonfruit also called pitaya! I think it’s my new favorite fruit!

Before I had returned to SC, Allen and I decided to take on a 30-day challenge to a bikini body (or in his case, swim trunks body)! I wrote up the plan in the airport during my four-hour layover in Cincinnati. Ew. It really doesn’t change much for me (Allen doesn’t like the diet changes very much because it involves portion control – sorry, love). In fact, it doesn’t change my diet at all except increase protein intake and encourage me to eat 4 or 5 meals a day instead of 3 or 4. This morning I got a little creative and made peachy cinnamon oatmeal. I boiled a spiced peach tea bag and cinnamon in water before adding the oats, and then I stirred in truvia and some maple agave, along with the diced peaches. It was scrumptious!

I followed breakfast with physical therapy and a doctor’s appointment for my knee – I got a new brace! No more ugly giant green knee-immobilizer! Hooray!

My second meal of the day was half of a cantaloupe with my new favorite dessert as the filling – cottage cheese with walnuts and drizzled with maple agave (it takes JUST like butter pecan ice cream, and I SWEAR I’m not crazy).

Lunch was a chicken burger over salad and couscous mixed with lentils and sugar-snap peas and Parmesan cheese! DEEEELISH! Tonight I’m having sesame salmon with mushrooms and zucchini J

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