Monday, October 29, 2012

Under the weather

I have tried so incredibly hard not to get sick , but the bug finally bit me. Saturday night I came down with the flu and I’m trying my best to fight it off with fluids, sleep, vitamins and Tylenol only when needed.

When I’m sick, I’m completely out of it, and I have to use my go-to’s and backups for meals and routines. My Sunday morning go to breakfast came in handy, because the warm oatmeal felt good on my sore throat then the cold Greek yogurt soothed it. When I’m not feeling creative, I usually eat this. I stir in cinnamon-sprinkled peaches into my oatmeal and pepitas into my blueberry Greek yogurt for some crunch. I finish it off with some berries and dark chocolate (I bought a dark chocolate orange the other day that I’ve been treating myself to), then a BIG cup of coffee.

For dinner, I relied on a warm crockpot meal to push me through the rest of my Sunday night homework. At around 2PM, I threw some chicken, turkey peperoni, red peppers, green beans, mushrooms and stewed tomatoes, all flavored with paprika, garlic powder and Cajun hot sauce into my mini crockpot to be ready by 7PM. I called it Spicy Cajun Creole, and it turned out perfectly! The spice helped my nose and the tender pull-apart chicken filled my belly. 

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