Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seasonal Yumminess

I was at Allen's last night for the LSU v. Gamecocks football game (don't talk about it) when I noticed that the guys still had that huge bag of distorted hamburger buns sitting on the counter that were there last week... and I'm pretty sure the week before that too. They weren't QUITE stale yet, but their lifespan was almost over and there was NO way the boys were going to eat all of those buns unless someone had a barbecue (fat chance). Instead, since I can't stand food going to waste and since the game on TV had taken a turn for the worst , I distracted myself in the kitchen and threw those buns into a pan to make a breakfast casserole. There wasn't much in the fridge to add to it, but I threw in some cheese and green peppers along with the egg, milk, and herb mixture I poured over the bread to let refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, I popped that bad boy in the oven for 45 minutes and surprised all the guys with a hot breakfast casserole to raise their spirits. They loved it and Allen ate half of it :)

I needed some time in my own kitchen soooo....

I decided to give my new mini crock pot a test run with something simple that would make the apartment smell heavenly and came up with homemade applesauce! Peeling 10 apples was sort of therapeutic and the smell of cinnamon apples was comforting and heightened the feelings of the season. It turned out to be perfect and my roommates and I enjoyed big bowls full of hot applesauce as dessert together in the living room :)  

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