Monday, October 29, 2012

Farming Friends = Fresh Eggs

Jesse, a friend of mine and Allen’s, has chickens on his farm at home. He’s one of the most kind people you’ll ever meet, and it made my week when he brought back a grocery bag full of freshly laid eggs for all of us to eat! They were beautiful brown eggs and some were different shapes and sizes, unlike the commercial white eggs in the store. Another plus was that they didn’t take up any space in the fridge because I could keep them on my kitchen table making a nice decoration as well. The first recipe I made using the eggs was eggs benedict! It was slightly varied from the traditional version, however, due to a few modifications I made. Firstly, instead of an English muffin, I used one of my homemade oat flour mini tortillas. I make oat flour once a week by pulsing rolled oats in my mini blender. To make the tortillas, I simply add half as much water as there is flour, stir it into batter-like consistency, and pour it into a hot pan, flipping it twice until it’s cooked through. I store them in the fridge, wrapped in paper towel then tin foil for up to a week! They have a delicious flavor and lack the bitter or odd taste that some “healthy” store-bought, preservative-laden brands possess.

As for the hollandaise, I lightened up the recipe a bit and found that I actually prefer my version (which is a very big deal since I’ve grown up making grandma’s top-notch traditional recipe)! Simply enough, it’s plain Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, pepper, fresh lemon juice, egg beaters, and a bit of parmesan! I threw it in the microwave for 20 seconds, and voila! To go along side my eggs benedict, I sautéed some green beans and mushrooms in garlic and threw a few pretty little grape tomatoes on the plate. Everything was locally grown except for the oats and mushrooms.

Since I wasn’t entirely sure how long farm-fresh, non-refrigerated eggs could last, I decided to use the remainder of them in some chocolatey brownies. But, these were not your traditional brownies – these were health nut to the extreme brownies, packed with fiber and protein and low in fat and sugar! The secret? Black beans!

That’s right – these little fudgey pieces of heaven tasted as dark and rich as traditional brownies except they were made of black beans, fresh eggs, truvia baking blend, vanilla, baking powder, dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate shavings. My little blender has been doing a wonderful job helping me to make healthy batters lately and I think it’s time to start saving up for a fancy one soon!

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